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Nested Worlds - 2018-2022, Acrylic Paintings on Canvas and Paper

Nested worlds is a series of paintings I've been adding to since 2018, based loosely around the concept of the pluriverse. I play with the ideas of building secure relationships and spaces to thrive in a world of many worlds. Reminiscent of the constructions of nests or webs, these images celebrate the power of the small, and the power of the many. Emphasizing connected forces, propulsion, and movement. In these abstracted forms, some people see stars, or eggs, or cells. Some pieces are on paper, others on canvas, all with fluid acrylics. I keep getting pulled into these shapes and designs, likely because the pluriverse is something I'm investigating in my academic research and I'm thinking about it all the time. Wouldn't our world be a better place if we could accept there are many worlds within, all unique but at the same time moving and thriving together?

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